Storagegaga has moved officially

Hello everyone,

After almost a year maintaining both this WordPress blog and my official blog, I have decided to keep my official blog and retire this one.

Please visit for new updates.

Thank you very much for support.

@storagegaga (Twitter)

Blog down due to internal configuration

Hello everyone,

I thank Cristian Ditoui on highlighting that my blog – is DOWN. The service provider hosting my blog has been experiencing some technical difficulties of late and we are in the midst of getting my blog up the soonest possible.

I believe there are some internal configuration problems with the WordPress database.

Thank you for your patience and support.




And Cloud Storage will make us stranger

A new blog post at

Is there no one to challenge EMC?

IDC numbers are out. Check out

Say VDI very fast

Here’s what I think about VDI with storage infrastructure of course –> 

APIs that stick in Storage

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Can VSA help NetApp?

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“Cloud” hosting hacked – customer data lost

The beginning of the end for FCoE

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Run free … Symantec Filestore

I really, really have to apologize for my disappearance for the past few weeks. Things have been very much that I hardly had the time to write. But since I did the Symantec class last week, I thought I share with you this blog –

Thank you